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MTi was founded in Gimhae city, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea in 1983, is one of leading company for engineering and supplying Steel making equipment and Coil processing line in the world today, and started to make a business for Shipbuilding equipment and Cranes from 1993. Our goal is to provide advanced, efficient, qualified equipment with the lowest cost to our worldwide customers.

Main business is;
1. Engineering and supplying of Steel making equipment and Coil processing line
- Hot rolling mill : Plate rolling mill, Thick plate mill, Pipe & tube mill, Section & structural mill, Rod & bar mill
- Cold rolling mill : 2, 4, 6- High rolling mill, 20-High Sendzimir mill, Skin pass mill
- Coil processing line : Cut to length line, Slitting line, Recoiling & Tension leveling line CCL, CGL, EGL, PPL,
   POL, Blanking line, Plate & Coil Packing line, Steel strap band line, Degreasing line, Roll forming line
- Revamping with Automatic control system

2. Engineering and supplying of Shipbuilding equipment
- De-scaling line
- Cutting shop equipment : CNC Gas Cutting M/C, CNC Plasma Cutting M/C, CNC Beveling M/C, CNC Drilling
   M/C, CNC Pipe Cutting M/C
- Bending shop equipment : CNC Hydraulic Roll Press, CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, Hydraulic Portal Press,
   Hydraulic C- Frame Press, Hydraulic Frame Bender, Hydraulic Vertical Bender, CNC Horizontal Roll Bender
- Pipe shop equipment : CNC Pipe Cutting M/C, CNC Pipe Bending M/C, Pipe Coaster, Band Saw M/C,
   Positioner, Turning roll (Rotator), Welding Manipulator
- Hull shop equipment : Built-up line, Automatic Welding gantry, Panel and Block Fabrication Line, Curved
   Block Fabrication Line, Welder and welding equipment
- Shot blast and Painting shop equipment
- Shiplift & Load-out system
- Floating Dock & Launching System
- Ship Design and Shipyard Consulting

3. EPC Plant
- Power & Energy Plant
- Oil & Gas
- Pressure Vessel, Reactor
- Cryogenic Plant
- Desalination Plant
- Wind Power
- Special Plant & Facilities
- Modules & Offshore plant

4. Engineering and supplying of Cranes and Transportation equipment
- EOTC, Gantry crane, Goliath crane, Tower crane
- CSU (Continuous Ship Unloader), Stacker and Reclaimer

5. Used equipment : Used pipe mill line, Used rolling mill, Used cut to length line, Used Slitting line, Used cranes, MTi has various, valuable and cheap 2nd hand equipment for above mentioned equipment and we operate big association with worldwide suppliers for 2nd hand equipment supplying, so you can be satisfied with our service when you contact us.

6. Parts supplying :
- Automobile parts :Forging parts for Transmission, Door and hinge, Steering, Hub and spindle: Rear axle,
   Pitman  arm, Spider, Tie rod, CV joint, Knuckle, Shaft, Yoke, Pinion gear, TM gear, Cam shaft, ConĄŻ rod, Crank
   shaft, Hub, Clutch sleeve, Molding parts Brake AssĄŻy, Engine control parts
- Marine parts :
- Standard purchasing parts : Hydraulic cylinder and solenoid valve, Pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve,
   Bearing, Sensor, Switch, Pipe fittings, AC/DC - MIG and TIG welder, Frame cutter

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Company Ideology
Steel Making Equipment
Hot Rolling Mill
Cold Rolling Mill
Coil Processing Line
Shipbuilding Equipment
De-scaling Line
Cutting Shop
Bending Shop
Pipe Shop
Hull Shop
Shot Blast Shop
Paint Shop
Floating Dock
Shipyard Consulting
EPC Plant
Power & Energy
Oil & Gas
Pressure Vessel
Wind Power
Special Plant
Module & Offshore
EOTC, Gantry, Goliath
Ship Unloader, CSU, Stacker & Reclaimer
Used Equipment
Used Equipment
Parts Supplying
Automobile Parts
Marine Parts
General Purchasing Parts
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