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Shiplift & Transfer system

Shiplift and Transfer System
Shiplift is a modern alternative for a slipway, a floating dry dock or a graving dry dock. Shiplift is used to dry dock and launch ships. It consists of a structural platform that is lifted and lowered exactly vertical, synchronously by a number of hoists. First, the platform is lowered underwater, then the ship is floated above the support, and finally the platform with ship support and ship is lifted and the ship is brought to the level of the quay.

MTi’s Shiplift and Transfer System were developed for ship repair and navy as well as new shipbuilding, and is the most excellent
system in point of view quick and safe loading on ground, and the opposite way quick and safe launching a ship by a number of hydro winch mechanism synchronized, it can run two ships taking in and out a day completely from the sea to ground berth and from ground berth to the sea.

Transfer system

MTi’s ship Transfer System is designed to transport ships between a shiplift or Floating dock and dry berth on land. The transfer system is a robust, easy-to-operate system that requires little maintenance. It can be submerged and stored outdoors without damage or adverse effects. The Rail Transfer System runs on rails and can move both in lateral and/or transverse directions. The transfer system will move the vessel on a fluid bed with full control over the forces to the hull and the wheel loads. The system consists of a number of transfer trolleys, each with lifting capacity up to 600 tons.
Shiplift & Transfer system There’re 2 kinds of transfer system as below;
1. Transfer system with Intermediate Traverser
(Model : MTA type)
TIT system consists of a number of Transfers and an Intermediate Traverser
Transfer has function of self-run by diesel engine and up and down by hydraulic, and a control system with wireless communication to control a series of Transfer synchronously.
Intermediate Traverser has function of self-run by electric motor and chain push and pulling mechanism
In this system, Transfers run longitudinal and Traversers run cross way only

2. Transfer system with 90˘Ş Turning Bogie
(Model : MTB type)

TTB system consists of a number of Transfers which run longitudinal and cross way by way of diesel engine, up and down by hydraulic. The bogie of Transfer can turn to 90° in order to change moving direction.

Basic technical specification of two type transfer is as below;
Shiplift & Transfer system Static payload(single/pair)
: 150/300 tons. 250/500 tons, 300/600 tons
Shiplift Axle load : 8 nos x 37.5/62.5/75tons
Shiplift & Transfer system Engine : HMC D4BB / 75Hp
Shiplift & Transfer system Transfer speed : 5 / 8 m/min  (full load  / no load)

Control system

This control system can continuously monitor and display loadings, speed, turning direction and positioning of each transfer, and run synchronized all together under normal condition of all transfer, if a transfer run abnormal condition on loadings, speed, turning direction and positioning, the transfer will try to fit with other by itself, but when the result is out of allowable range, all transfer system will stop and warn emergency.

A shiplift enable your yard to launch end retrieve ships in a very time efficient and controlled manner. All winches are monitored by the control system and load cells to ensure load distribution within the design limits. By utilizing various type of hoist capacities and vary the spacing, total capacity, platform size, etc.

Shiplift & Transfer system Lifting capacity
: 18,000 tons
Shiplift & Transfer system Lifting speed : 550 mm/min
Shiplift & Transfer system Shiplift dimension : 120m L x 34m W
Shiplift & Transfer system Draft : 11 m

MTi’s Shiplift uses a Transfer System for ships so that the vessels can be transported from the water to a parking place where they can be painted or repaired. One shiplift can serve many parking places, while a dry docking installation can only dock one ship. It is important to synchronize the winches. MTi uses electrical control and drive systems for the winches.

Electric winches and wire ropes Shiplift & Transfer system
Electric winches with tensile load max 600 tons will raise plat form in synchronizing by way of wire ropes.
Winch AssĄŻy consists of Base frame, Grooved drum, Gear reducer, Sheave AssĄŻy, Wire rope, Servo motor, Load cell, Limit s/w, Mechanical brake, LCB.

Parameter of Shiplift system:
Platform size (max): 250mL x 40mW
Total lifting capacity (max): 45,000 tons
Lifting speed : 250 / 350 mm/min (full load / unload)
Lifting weight : 220, 320, 380, 590(600) ton/set

Control system

This control system can continuously monitor and display hoist loadings and speed on main control monitor at real time by load cells and encoders.
For reference list, please click and down load. Reference list
For detail reference, please click and down load. Reference detail

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