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Item No. Name of equipment Specifications Photo Read Enquiry
AC-APL_CGL_CCL-120323-B Coil processing line- APL, CCL, CGL
 APL, CCL, CGL 첨부이미지 3,238 Request
AC-CGL-110610-R2 CGL, Continuous Galvanizing Line
 1.0~3.2t x 200~600 W x 15 ton x 60 mpm x 200,000 TPY 첨부이미지 2,441 Request
AC-CTL-120116 Cut to length line: heavy gage 22t x 2540w x 25000L x 20mpm
 8~22t x 800~2540 w x 25000m L x 45 ton x 20 mpm 첨부이미지 1,564 Request
AC-CTL-3.2t1550w20ton Stainless steel and Aluminum CTL Line
 3.2t x 1550w x 20 ton Stainless - Aluminum CTL Line 첨부이미지 885 Request
AC-Leveler-120703 Finish Leveler (6Hi, 4Hi)
 6Hi and 4Hi Precision Leveler 첨부이미지 840 Request
AC-STL-110609-R2 Slitter Line
 1.2~4.5t x 250~1300w x 20ton x 60mpm 첨부이미지 1,065 Request
AC-STL-120530 Used Slitter Line
 7t x 1530w x 30ton 첨부이미지 906 Request
AC-STL-321250 0.25-3.2t x 300-1250w x 15ton Used Slitting Line
 0.25-3.2t x 300-1250w x 15ton 첨부이미지 1,036 Request
AM-ACRM-1112232-R0 Aluminum Cold Rolling Mill
 0.5t x 1340w x 4Hi Non-reversing Al Cold rolling mill 첨부이미지 1,068 Request
AM-AFBM-1112233-R0 Aluminum Foil Breakdown Mill
 0.032t x 1100w x 4Hi Foil breakdown mill 첨부이미지 1,228 Request
AM-AFFM-1112234-R0 Aluminum Foil Finish Mill
 0.006t x 1100w x 4Hi Foil finish mill 첨부이미지 842 Request
AM-AHRM-1112231-R0 Aluminum Hot Rolling Mill
 4.2t x 1600w x 4hi Al Hot rolling mill 첨부이미지 712 Request
AM-CRM_SNZM-120323-A Rolling mill- Hot rolling mill, Cold rolling mill, Sendzimir mill
 Hot rolling mill, Cold rolling mill, Sendzimir mill 첨부이미지 1,214 Request
AM-RBM_EAF_CCM-120323-C Wire, Rod, Bar Mill, EAF, Caster
 Wire, Rod, Bar Mill, EAF, Caster 첨부이미지 1,607 Request
AP-ERW-110607-R2 5 inch Pipe and Tube Mill Line
 2.5~5 inch x 1.2~5t x 15m L x 80 mpm 첨부이미지 865 Request
AP-HSAW-120523 1600 mm HSAW Pipe Mill Line
 DO159~1600 x 4~14t x 2 m/min 첨부이미지 821 Request
AP-JCO_DSAW_HSAW-120323-DH Pipe mill, Pilger mill, Welded I,T,H-beam line, JCO,DSAW, HSAW pipe mill, Bar straightenner & peeler
 Pipe mill, Pilger mill, Welded I,T,H-beam line, JCO,DSAW, HSAW pipe mill, Bar straightenner & peeler 첨부이미지 3,185 Request
AP-LSAW-1201120R0 LSAW type Large sized Pipe Mill Plant
 LSAW-dia558.8~2082 x 6.4~30t x 3000~12200 L, Roll bending type 첨부이미지 958 Request
C-GC-110729-R1 Kroll giant crane: K-10000
 K-10000 첨부이미지 3,275 Request
C-GC-500T100S70H Goliath gantry crane - 2 sets
 500ton x Span 100 m x 70 H - 2sets 첨부이미지 1,350 Request
M-PM-120308-R0 Plano mill : SERAMILL 260
 SERAMILL 260 첨부이미지 1,112 Request
Z-Lease Lease: Block fabrication factory
 Lease: 178,000 square meters 첨부이미지 431 Request
Z-Lease Lease: dry dock, Quay and Berth
 Lease: Dry dock, Berth and Quay in Busan, Korea 첨부이미지 711 Request

Business and trading between the MTi(Seller) and the Buyer for not mentioned will be applied with attachment, “Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Sale by MTi”. Please check attachment.

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